Genealogist – Barbara


Barbara Chagnon became interested in genealogy in the late nineteen seventies, when she moved to Manchester, NH and noticed  the name Romeo Chagnon painted on the side of a building. She became curious to know if they could possibly be related. After doing some research she found out that yes they are distantly related. This  spark of curiosity ended up turning into a lifelong passion for genealogy. 

Over the years,  Barbara has researched many of the surnames in her family tree, but the Chagnon Family branch has always been her primary  focus. “It’s like meeting new relatives every time  I discover someone new”. 

Barbara  authored the first edition of the Chagnon Family History Binder in 2000, which is now into its 4th edition and is also  available in  eBook format.

Besides her passion for genealogy, Barbara has been the grave keeper for several relatives’ graves over the years. In early 2018 Barbara finished a 3 Volume eBook Guide collection called “Seeking Those Who Have Gone Before Us.  It is a collection of information on over 250 deceased relatives and their last earthly residence.  It is her hope that the grave-site guidebook will help living relatives to find the graves of family members and  in turn want  to continue to cherish and  honor  them  by visiting and caring for their grave-sites.

Barbara  is the developer and webmaster for  the  website, which she first created in 2005. She created this website to share her research and help others in  the search for their ancestry. There is also a ChagnonFamilyTree Facebook page , where she post the latest happens and news. 

In 2017, she began studying and researching with the use DNA. She is currently working on a Chagnon DNA project.  She has also started a Chagnon Family Traits project.

Barbara offers Genealogy research and Genetic Genealogy research services to others.  

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact her.


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