Chagnon Family History Binder

chagnon family tree binder


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This Chagnon Family History Binder is a durable 2″ 3 ring binder that contains 134 pages of information on the Chagnon Family Tree.   Each  page  is encased in a clear vinyl sheet protector, for years of safe keeping. The “Chagnon Family” name is printed in the lower right hand corner.  You will also find several  blank genealogy research forms in the back, so that you can make addition to this collection as time goes on.

This  Chagnon family history is on the Narcisse”Nelson” and Delina (Bouchard) Chagnon Family Branch. This branch is in the Pierre and Louise (Fauvrea) Chagon Family Tree. Some information on other branches is included in the genealogy report.

This collection of family history includes:

  • A brief narrative and regional map about Touraine, France where  our ancestors came from.
  • A narrative about New France (Quebec) where our  first ancestor arrived in North America.
  • An overview of the Carignan-Salieres Regiment and the Filles’ du roi
  • A short description about the earliest Chagnon Coat of Arms and what the symbols on this crest stand for.
  • A historical timeline that  list many events that have happened from 1000AD to present to will help with understanding what people had to live through, including us today.
  • A genealogical descendant Report that shows our lineage back to Pierre and Louis (Fauvrea) Chagnon.
  • An outline report of Narcisse (Nelson) and his wife Delina (Bouchard) Chagnon’s Family tree branch.
  • Followed by  some brief bios and photos of Nelson and Delina and each of their 14 children, which are broken down into separate chapters.
  • An Appendix A, which contains a list of the sources that I have used in my research.

This is a great family heirloom  and make a nice gift that can easily be added to.

On Sale: $57 plus $15 shipping 

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This Chagnon Family Tree History is also available in a downloadable  eBook format. 


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