Chester Nelson Chagnon




Chester was born on September 13, 1913 in Burlington, Vermont.  He is better known by his nickname Chet. Chet is the seventh child born to Narcisse (Nelson) and Delina (Bouchard) Chagnon. 


Chet  had several jobs before he went to work for the Burlington Dept. of Public Works. He worked for the Dept of Public Works for many years until he retired in 1979.



Chet joined the Vermont Army National Guard in 1933. He served on active duty as a staff sergeant in the US Army Cavalry and  Chet was honored for his heroic achievements in the Pacific during WWII. After that, Chet continued to serve in the National Guard after the war ended, retiring as a master sergeant in 1953.





Chet married Margaret Bourassa on Dec 18, 1941 in Burlington, Vermont. Margaret (Bourassa) is the daughter of Wilfred J. Bourassa and Mary Agnes Proulx. She was born Sept 15, 1916 and  died Oct 3, 2008. Chet and Marg did not have any children. 



Chet enjoyed doing many things such as playing golf, bowling, gardening, fishing, and traveling with his wife Marg.

Chester Nelson Chagnon died May 29, 2006 in Burlington, Vermont. He is buried with his wife Marg in New Mount Calvary Cemetery in Burlington, Vermont. 

Chet and Herbie Hathaway save the life of a 11 year old boy. To read 

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