Chagnon Traits Project

Welcome to the Chagnon Traits Project!

How many times have you heard or maybe even said, “He has his  father’s hair!” or “She has her mother’s eyes! Well I think we all have seen traits that we have gotten from our parents or maybe even grandparents. So where did they really come from? And  what traits seem more common than others in our Chagnon family tree?

One trait that comes to mind for me is my curly hair. As far as I was concerned as a young girl, it sucked to have curly hair. It seemed more of a curse than a gift. I hated it when people would ask “is your hair naturally curly or did you have a perm?”

Well a few years ago, I began thinking about family traits and what types of things that as descendants of the Chagnon Tree, that we have inherited. The older generations (including my generation) seem to have inherited some specific traits. Yes, I know the curly hair is one of them. But I’m curious as to find out what other traits we have inherited.

I have compared some photos of direct descendants from Nelson and Delina Chagnon and even of distant relatives from other branches and it is quite interesting to see how there are similarities.

All humans share 99.9% the same DNA, but only .1% of our DNA is inherited specifically from our ancestors. Traits like eye color, hair color and type, height, shape of our nose, etc, come from this .1% that we inherit. We get 50% of this DNA from our mother and 50% from our father.

I have recently started a family trait project to help learn more about  some of these traits and to determine if these traits are being passed down thru our Chagnon Family Tree or another family branches.

I am looking for descendants from our Chagnon Family Tree to volunteer to participate in this project. It involves filling about a survey about you and your family members and providing a few photos.

As a thank you for your participation, you will receive a copy of the findings of this project and a 7 generation fan chart of Nelson and Delina Bouchard Chagnon Tree. The more surveys you complete about your family branch the better.  The person who provides the most information about their family branch will also receive a free digital copy of Chagnon Family History eBook.

If you would like more information please, contact me. 

If you would like to participate complete this survey.


Chagnon DNA Project