Chagnon Family Coat of Arms

chagnon family coat of arms

Les Anciennes Armoiries de la Famille Chagnon

This Chagnon Family Coat of Arms has been found  to be the most ancient recorded for the Family surname Chagnon. Each of symbol on the coat of arms has a meaning. Though meanings can vary depending on the  scholar’s opinion concerning the reliability of any “commonly held” historic meaning. The symbols such as the helmet, the plume of feathers and the tree all represent a characteristic of the Chagnon Surname. 

The top banner “Les Anciennes Armoiries de la Famille Chagnon” means the old coat of arms for the Chagnon family.

Description of the symbols:

Color: Silver which stands for peace and sincerity.
Helmet: When depicted on the shield, denotes wisdom and security in defense; strength, protection, and invulnerability.
Plume of Feathers: Willing obedience and serenity of mind.
Tree: Life and the mystical connection of the earth with heaven and the underworld.

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