Seeking Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Many of our relatives have touched our lives. To honor them and show our love we put flowers, flags and small mementos on their last earthly residence. But if we don’t know where their last earthly residence is we cannot show our respect.

These eBooks will help you to honor and show your love by be able to find your loved ones.

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This special collection of information on the deceased relatives of the Chagnon Family includes the names of over 250 deceased relatives. It includes, photos, cemeteries, dates of birth and death, parents and spouses and more.  Watch this sample video from  Volume I to see some of what you will find this eBook Guide Collection.

These 3 eBook volumes are being sold individually or as a bundle.
Volume I includes last names beginning with A-C*.
Volume II includes last names beginning with D-L*.
Volume III includes last names beginning with M-W*.
*Note that last names include married names.
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