7 Generation Wall Chart

Give the Gift of Ancestry 

This 7 generation Ancestry Wall Chart  includes the  14 children of Nelson Chagnon and Delina Bouchard.







The  14 children include: Irene Chagnon Gordon
Edith Chagnon Gonyo
Raymond Chagnon
Eva Chagnon Dusharm
Lillian Chagnon Proulx
Clara Chagnon Valyou
Chester Chagnon
Alexander Chagnon
Roy Chagnon
Clarence Chagnon
Ernest Chagnon
Lorraine Chagnon Doughtery Sweeney
Henry Chagnon
Nelson Chagnon

This Wall Chart looks great when it is framed: 

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Please indicate if you prefer to have only your own ancestor listed in the center instead of all 14 siblings.

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