Who Is This? And How Is He Related To Us?

chagnonfamilytreeWho is this? This is Louis Bouchard. He  was born September 18, 1850 in St. Paul’s  Bay, Quebec. The son of Thomas Bouchard and Luce Sauliner. He immigrated to the US in 1870.  Louis was in business for himself, selling wood and coal from the back yard of his home  at  200 N. Champlain Street in Burlington, VT.

This is Louis with 4 of his children from his 1st wife, Jennie. Starting at the left is Delina, David, Louis, Louis H., and Marie. Taken in 1909.

Louis met and married Delia Jennie Plant on September 5, 1871 in Richmond, Vt.,  Jennie was born in 1850 in Bolton, VT. , she was the daughter of Peter Plant and Anna Brown .

Louis and Jennie had 7 children, 2 daughters and 5 sons. Of the 7 children, they had a set of twins Willie and Willard who died shortly after their births in 1879. On October 20, 1883 Jennie died from consumption at the age of 31.
At the time of Jennie’s death, Delina Bouchard who was the  7th child born was 2-1/2 years old.

Louis met and married Louise Morrow in Winooski, VT on August 18, 1884. Louise was born July 1860 in Lewiston, NY., the daughter of John Morrow and Florence Plant. 

This is Louis with his 2nd wife, Louise. This was taken between 1898-1899. Starting from left Louis with Thomas, Leonard, Paul, Sophia, Clara, Mary, Gilbert and Louise.

Louis and Louise had 14 children, they had 7 daughters and 7 sons. They also had a set of twins, Gilbert and Edward in 1892. Louise died April 15, 1907 at the age of 47.  Their daughter Matilda was born and died in September of 1906. At the time of Louise death, Ernest was 2-1/2years old.

Louis remarried for a 3rd time, August 22, 1909, to Josephine Pollander  in Montreal, Canada. Josephine was born August 1, 1864 in Salem, NY., the daughter of Narcisse Pollander and Josephine Bonville. Louis was also Josephine’s 3rd husband.  

Louis died  at the age of 87  at the Degoesbriand Hospital, Burlington, VT  following a lingering illness. He is buried with his 2nd wife Louise in the Mt Calvary Cemetery in Burlington, VT

This is Louis, Josephine, and grandchildren standing in Louis’ wood yard.

His 3rd  wife, Josephine  remarried for a 4th time in 1941, three years after Louis’ death. 

 Out of 21 children, 14 children were living at the time of his death.  Those children were: Mrs. Marie Ryan, Edward D., Leonard & Clara Bouchard, all  who were living  in Rochester, NY. Mrs. Roy (Mary) Tremblay, Paul & Thomas Bouchard,  all were living in  Tampa, Fla., Mrs. James (Flora) Steele of Bellows Falls, VT. Mrs. Edward (Sophie) Dorey, Mrs. Nelson (Delina) Chagnon and Leo Bouchard, were  all living in Burlington. Ernest Bouchard was living in Boston, MA and Gilbert Bouchard was living in Los Angeles, CA. There was several grandchildren, and great grandchildren. 

So how are we related? Well you may have figured it out, through Delina Bouchard. Delina married Naricisse (Nelson) Chagnon at the age of 18, in 1881. They had 14 children, 7 daughters and 7 sons. They had a set of twins, Henry & Nelson, which were their 13th & 14th children to be born. Only one died at the age of 3-1/2 years old, Raymond Joseph Chagnon.  (Photos courtesy of Jerry Levalley, grandson of  Louis & Louise).

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