September Memorials

In Memory of those Who Have Gone Before Us

George Ashline 4/25/925-9/25/1996

Samuel R. Asciotti 9/03/31-9/12/2012

John H. Bartlette, Jr 10/10/1942-9/17/2008

George Ashline 04/25/1925-09/25/1998

John Henry Barberi Jr. 10/10/1942-09/17/2008

Albert Blow 9/4/1935-9/21/2012

Lillian Gonyo Bosley 12/19/1907-9/11/1997

Irma Carter Bushey 05/17/1924-09/04/1993

Delina Bouchard Chagnon 03/15/1881-9/13/1944

Alexander Chagnon 03/22/1915-9/18/1992

Joan Bushey Chagnon 10/03/1940-9/12/2011

Lynn Taft Chagnon 11/17/1847-09/16/2012

Mary L. Sorrell Despaw 1885-09/8/1957

Sophia Bouchard Dorey 06/2/1889-9/30/1944

Lori Louis Dusharm   1845-09/2/1931

Earl W. Gonyo 07/29/1910-09/09/1987

 Richard Gonyo 7/14/1920-9/12/1992

Dorothy Dusharm Lafond 10/10/1924-9/29/1978

Joseph G. Lamarche2/19/1915-9/11/1988

Alfred J. Lamore 10/21/1907-9/6/1951

Orissa Trudeau Langlois 2/9/1905-9/19/1930

Maurice M. Lapierre 1/11/1930-9/19/2008

Lillian Brown Lefevre 12/18/1896-09/26/1957

Irene Gonyo Maskell 7/9/1925-9/27/2012

Joseph Poirier 4/14/1884-9/6/1928

Francis Proulx 5/10/1908-9/30/1992

Marie Barbeau Riley 5/2/1904-9/1/1979

Randall Shelley 2/5/1930-9/17/2009

Emilie Krebser Stapel 7/13/1903-9/1/1974

Frank Thompson, Jr. 2/13/1949-9/30/2013

Jabis Bartholowme Valiere 01/01/1898-9/26/1940

Carline Valyou 8/30/1936-9/26/1940

Robert Whitehouse 4/11/1930-9/10/2011

If you know of someone who is related to the Chagnon Family that should be listed here please contact me so that I can add them to our list. 

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