December Memorials

Who are those that we remember, honor and Cherish

            Roger Beauregard 1/26/1956 – 12/26/1976
Roger is the son of Marcel and Rachel (Poirier) Beauregard

Michaela Beauregard 11/5/1994 – 12/11/2016
Michaela is the granddaughter of Marcel and Rachel (Poirier) Beauregard

Glenna M Ploof Blow 3/14/1913 – 12/26/2000
Glenna is the daughter of Edward and Minnie (Bessette) Ploof, the wife of Jasper Blow and the mother of Charles, Albert and Richard Blow.

 Mary Agnes Proulx Bourassa 7/4/1892– 12/29/1967
Mary Agnes is the wife of Joseph W. Bourassa and the mother of Margaret (Bourassa) Chagnon.

Lucille Corron Chagnon 9/12/1915 – 12/24/1992
Lucille is the daughter of Jeremiah “Jerry”and Anna (Archambault) Corron, the wife of Alexander Chagnon, Sr. and the mother of William “Bill” Chagnon.

Grover C. Despaw 10/10/1882 – 12/28/1940
Grover is the husband of Mary L. (Sorrell) Despaw and the mother of Frank Despaw.

Connie J. Draper 9/29/1952 – 12/2/1954
Connie is the daughter of “Carl” and Ramona (Perry) Draper and the sister of James Draper.

Laurette (Pageau) Duquette 5/13/1913-12/31/2003
Laurette is the daughter Joseph and Carinda (Rouleau) Pageau and  the wife of Homer Duquette.

Eva Chagnon Dusharm 2/4/1905 – 12/4/1994
Eva is the daughter of “Nelson” and Delina (Bouchard) Chagnon, the wife of Charles Dusharm and the mother of  Dorothy, Leo Dusharm, Theresa(Dusharm) Lacasse and Elizabeth (Dusharm) Shangraw, and Grandmother of Sharron (Dusharm) Ricceliti,  Brenda (Dusharm) Welker, Robert Lacasse, and Carol Lacasse.

Alexander Gordon  11/15/1856 –  12/23/1918
Alexander is the husband of Emma (Senecal) Gordon, the father of William, Estella (Gordon) Pashby, Charles and Walter Gordon.

Edmund E. Hardy 8/35/1924 – 12/9/2012
Edmund is the husband of Marion (Powell) Hardy and the father of Bruce Hardy.

Robert Lacasse 9/28/1954 – 12/28/2004
Robert is the son of Albert and Theresa (Dusharm) Lacasse and brother to Carol Lacasse.

Emma N. Benoit McGrath 12/25/1885 – 12/1/1979
Emma is the husband of James McGrath and father of Richard McGrath.

Julie S. (Weaver)Page 2/10/1923 – 12/05/2003
Julie is the wife of Robert Page.

Mastai Paquette 8/7/1877 -12/29/1952
Mastai is the husband of Marie Angela (Gregoire) Paquette and father of John Paquette.

Matilda Allard Piche 1/11/1846 – 12/06/1913
Matilda is the wife of David Piche and the mother of Mary (Piche) Chagnon, the grandfather Mary Ann (Chagnon) Matott, Mathilda (Chagnon) Flageol, Athella (Chagnon) Ashline, David, Mathilda, Euphemia Chagnon, great grandfather to Alvin Matott, Aimie Flageol, Floyd, Anita, Alexis, George, David Ashline,  Mae (Ashline) Despaw, Beatrice (Ashline) Connell, and Jeanette (Ashline) Gruwell.

Derek R. Ruiter 6/24/1931 – 12/30/1979
Derek is the husband of Marion (Grant) Ruiter and the father in law of Reginald Gonyo.

Clifford Shangraw, Jr. 12/8/1927 – 12/6/2000
Clifford, Jr. is the son of Clifford, Sr. and Beatrice (Wells) Shangraw, the husband of Elizabeth (Dusharm) Shangraw, and grandfather of Sharron (Shangraw) Ricceliti.

Leona M. Gonyo Turner 1/10/1936 – 12/6/2010
Leona is the daughter of Elmer and Isabel (Pecor) Turner, wife of Edward Turner, and mother of Scott Turner.

Miranda J. Yaple 12/19/2007-12/30/2007
Miranda is the great granddaughter of Alexander and Lucille (Corron) Chagnon, Sr.


Who are We?
Remember, Honor & Cherish

 Caroline M. Doughtery Bergeron 3/6/1944 – 11/14/2009
Caroline Mae is the daughter of Lorraine Chagnon Doughtery Sweeney
and James Doughtery, married, and the mother of 2 children.

Jasper D. Blow 5/14/1909 – 11/7/1973
Jasper Daniel is the son of Daniel Blow and Mary Anne Cootware,
 the husband to Glenna Ploof, and the father of Bertha, Charles,
Albert, Mary Ann, and Richard Blow.

Raymond E. Bosley 10/26/1906 – 11/5/1984
Raymond Earl is son of Albert Bosley and Louise Rayta, the husband to
 Lillian Gonyo, and father of Kenneth and Raymond C. Bosley.

Louise Marie Rayta Bosley 12/14/1881 – 11/17/1967
Louise Marie is the wife of Albert Bosley and the mother of
Raymond E. Bosley.

Michael E. Bushway 3/31/1959 – 11/24/2004
Michael Elwin is the son of Elwin Bushway and Emily Cootware.

Walter E.Centerbar 8/23/1915 – 11/1987
Walter Eugene is the husband of Marjorie Fremeau. 

Elaine J. Chagnon 4/6/1942 – 11/24/1943
Elaine Joyce is the daughter of Alexander Chagnon and Lucille Corron
and the sibling to William “Bill” Chagnon.

Mary Piche Chagnon 4/3/1868-11/08/1930
Mary is the daughter of David Piche and Matilda Allard,
the wife to Alexander Chagnon, and the mother of Mary Ann,
Meandre, Althella, Alexis, David, Matilda, and Euphemia Chagnon.

Peter N. Chagnon 4/2/1946 – 11/24/2015
Peter Nelson is the son of Clarence Chagnon and Lorraine Couture,
 the husband to Marlene Blow, and the father of 3 children.

Tiffany Chagnon 1993- 11/24/2016
Tiffany is the daughter of Kenneth Chagnon and Kristi Jacobs.

Leo Dusablon, Jr.  7/31/1929 – 11/8/2004
Leo is the son of Leo Dusablon and Marion Rose.

Robert E. Genest, Jr. 4/1/1941 – 11/3/2001
“Bob” is the son of Robert Genest Sr. and Lena Shattie, married.

James Gonyo 11/2/1955 – 11/4/1982
James is the son of Herbert Gonyo, Jr. and Gertrude Stapel.

Edith Chagnon Gonyo 5/19/1902 – 11/22/1997
Edith is the daughter of “Nelson” Chagnon and Delina Bouchard,
the wife of “Herbie” Gonyo, Sr., and the father of Irene, Gloria,
 Herbert Jr, Leon, Leona, Bernadette, Reginald, and 3 other children.

Emile B. Hatin 5/14/1914 – 11/7/1973
Emile is the husband to Clara Raymond and the father to Robert Hatin.

Alfred A. Lamotte 2/22/1907 – 11/21/1977
Alfred Arthur is the son of John Lamotte and Margaret Beshaw,
the husband to Eva F.Dumas, the grandfather of Mark Anthony Lamotte.

Robert E. Lynch 1/29/1921 – 11/30/2007
Robert “Caddy” is the son of Clarence Lynch and Mildred Parott
 and the husband to Mary Kelley.

Russell Maskell, Jr. 12/24/1933 – 1/11/1990
Russell Maskell, Sr. and Bertha Martin.

Clara Bouchard Meyer 8/10/1897 – 11/07/1984
Clara is the daughter Louis Bouchard and Louise Morrow.

George McDonald 4/24/1904 – 11/1/1981
George is the husband to Beulah M. Booska and
the father of Stewart Mcdonald.

Lillian Chagnon Proulx 7/11/1908 – 11/25/1957
Lillian is the daughter of “Nelson” Chagnon and Delina Bouchard,
the wife to Francis Proulx, and the mother of David Proulx
and 4 other children.

David H. Proulx 3/20/1937 – 11/6/2007
David is the son of Lillian Chagnon and Francis Proulx,
a husband and father of 4 children.

Norman Senna 8/31/1920 – 11/28/1952 
Norman is the son of Walter Senna and Natalie Russett,
the husband to Jennie Chamberlain, and the father of Barbara and
Beverly Senna, and 1 other child.

Beatrice Wells Shangraw 1/5/1905 – 11/13/1997
Beatrice is the daughter of Albert Wells and Bertha Allen,
the wife to Clifford Shangraw, Sr. and the mother of
Clifford Shangraw, Jr. and
the grandmother of Sharron Shangraw.

Cloyd A. Tennien 2/9/1899 – 11/11/1996
Cloyd is the son of James Tennien and Francoise Jacques,
the husband to Lucille Jimmo, and the
 father of Glenna Tennien, and
 grandfather of Richard Chagnon.