Remembering Those Who Have Gone Before Us.

Each month I have been publishing a list of relatives who died in each month going back to 1900. I recently was asked who some of these relatives are and how we are related. Starting with September I will give a brief narrative of who these relatives are.  

Here is a brief narrative of who they are and how they are related. Those who are related and still  living are not mentioned due to privacy.

George Ashline 4/25/925-9/25/1996
George is the son of Frank and Athella V. Chagnon, the husband of Jane (Fluery) Ashline and the father of Michael Ashline.

John H. Bartlette, Jr 10/10/1942-9/17/2008
John is the husband of Nina Marie (Valliere) Bartlette.

Albert Blow 9/4/1935-9/21/2012
Albert is the son of Jasper and Glenna (Ploof) Blow , the husband of Anne Lillian Cameron and the brother of Richard Blow.

Louise Rayta Bosley 12/19/1907-9/11/1997
Louise is the wife of Albert Bosley and the mother of Raymond and Kenneth Bosley.

Irma Carter Bushey 5/17/1924-9/4/1993
Irma is the daughter of Frederick and Irene (Rock) Carter, the wife of David Bushey and the mother of Joan Jones Bushey.

Delina Bouchard Chagnon 3/15/1881-9/13/1944
Delina is the daughter of Louis and Jennie (Plante) Bouchard, wife of Narcisse “ Nelson”  Chagnon and the mother of 14 Children from whom we are descended from.

Alexander Chagnon 3/22/1915-9/18/1992
Alexander is the son of “Nelson” and Delina (Bouchard) Chagnon, husband of Lucille Corron and father of 9 children.

Joan Bushey Chagnon 10/3/1940-9/12/2011
Joan is the daughter of David and Irma (Carter) Bushey.

Lynn Taft Chagnon 11/17/1847-9/16/2012
Lynn is the daughter of Fred and Marion(Vezina), wife of Robert Chagnon and mother of 2 children.

Mary L. Sorrell Despaw 1885-9/8/1957
Mary is the wife of Grover Despaw and mother of 7 children.  Her son Frank is married to Mae Ashline who is the daughter of Frank and Athella (Chagnon) Ashline.

Sophia Bouchard Dorey 6/2/1889-9/30/1944
Sophia is the daughter of Louis and Louise (Morrow) Bouchard, wife of Joseph Dorey, and mother of 7 children. Sophia is the step sister of Delina Bouchard Chagnon. NOTE: Sophia died 17 days after her sister Delina.

Lori Louis Dusharm   1845-9/2/1931
Lori Louis is the husband of Sophia Coon, the father of Charles Dusharm and husband of Eva Chagnon. Eva is the daughter of Nelson and Delina (Bouchard) Chagnon.

Earl W. Gonyo 7/29/1910-9/9/1987
Earl is the son of Charles and Josephine (Ducharme) Gonyo, the husband of  Gladys Bessette and Mary T. Hubbard and his the brother of Herbie Gonyo.

Richard Gonyo 7/14/1920-9/12/1992
Richard is the son of Charles and Josephine (Ducharme) Gonyo, the husband to Norma Bates and the father of 7 children. He is the brother of Herbie and Earl Gonyo.

Dorothy Dusharm Lafond 10/10/1924-9/29/1978
Dorothy is the daughter of Charles and Eva (Chagnon) Dusharm, the wife of Levi Lafond and John Paquette. She is the mother of 2 children

Joseph G. Lamarche2/19/1915-9/11/1988
Joseph G. is the son of Delphis and Mary (Paquet) Lamarche,  the husband of Dorothy S. (Pratt) Lamarche and the father of 7 children.

Alfred J. Lamore 10/21/1907-9/6/1951
Alfred is the husband of Emma (Houle) Lamore and the father of Arthur “Skip” Lamore who is husband of  Elizabeth (Dusharm) Lamore.

Orissa Trudeau Langlois 2/9/1905-9/19/1930
Orissa is the wife of Mazip Langlois, mother of Viola (Langlois) Chagnon. Viola is the  wife of Alexis Chagnon, Jr. Alexis is the son of Alexander Chagnon who is the brother of Narcisse “Nelson” Chagnon.

Maurice M. Lapierre 1/11/1930-9/19/2008
Maurice is the husband to Betty Bolton and  Pauline Marcotte and father 2 children.

Irene Gonyo Maskell 7/9/1925-9/27/2012
Irene is the daughter of Herbie and Edith (Chagnon) Gonyo, the wife of Robert Lefebvre and Ernest Maskell and mother 4 children.

Joseph Poirier 4/14/1884-9/6/1928
Joseph is the son of Adolphe and Rosanna (Desmarais) Poirier,  the husband of Clara (Monty) Poirier and the father of 8 children.

Francis Proulx 5/10/1908-9/30/1992
Francis is the son of Philias and Mary Helen (Wheel) Proulx, the husband of Lillian (Chagnon) Proulx and the father of 5 children.

Marie Veronica Barbeau Riley 5/2/1904-9/1/1979
Marie Veronica is the wife of Lawrence Riley.

Randall Shelley 2/5/1930-9/17/2009
Randall is the son of Samuel and Gladys (Hinote) Shelley, the husband of Ruth Gonyo and the father of 4 children.

Emilie Krebser Stapel 7/13/1903-9/1/1974
Emilie is the daughter of Henry and Emilie (Meili) Kresber, the wife of Oskar Stapel.

Frank Thompson, Jr. 2/13/1949-9/30/2013
Frank is the son of Frank and Irene (Barnes) Thompson and the brother of Paul Thompson.

Carline Valyou 8/30/1936-9/26/1940
Carline is the daughter of Moses and Clara (Chagnon) Valyou.

Robert Whitehouse 4/11/1930-9/10/2011
Robert is the son of Lucille Whitehouse, the husband of Pearl Gonyo and the father of 2 children.

If you would like to know more about any of these relatives or  you find any  errors, please do not hesitant to contact me. I hope that you have found this useful and  now know a little more about your relatives.  


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