Honor, Cherish & Remember

Russell Beaupre 7/27/1915-10/4/1981
Russell is the son of Fay Beaupre and Rose Lucia, the husband of
Vivian R. Winegar  and the father of Lanny Beaupre. 

Albert Bosley 10/19/1938
Albert is the husband of Louise Rayta and father of Raymond Bosley.

Adeline Jennie (Plante) Bouchard 6/1/1851-10/20/1883
Jennie is the daughter of Pierre Plante and Antoinette  Dutour,
the wife of Louis Bouchard, and mother of Delina Bouchard,
Edward, Louis, David, and Willard Bouchard.

Nelson L. Chagnon, Sr. 11/3/1924-10/23/1982
Nelson is the son of  Narcisse “Nelson” Chagnon and
Delina Bouchard,  husband of Virgina V. Klein, 
the father of Doreen Chagnon Draper, grandfather
of Melissa, Heidi, Sean, Stephen, and
great-grandfather of Skylar Chagnon.

Viola (Langlois) Chagnon 12/17/1903-10/31/1988
Viola is the daughter of Mazip Langlois and Orisse Trudeau,
wife of Alexis Chagnon, Jr, and the mother of
Wanda  and Jane Chagnon.

Glenna (Tennien) Chagnon 1/40/1926-10/21/2002
Glenna is the daughter of Cloyd Tennien and Lucille Jimmo,
the wife of Clarence Chagnon, and the mother of
Richard Chagnon,

Margaret (Bourassa) Chagnon 9/15/1916-10/3/2008
“Marg” is the daughter of  Joseph Bourassa and Mary Proulx and
the wife of Chester “Chest” Chagnon

Marlene (Blow) Chagnon 2/7/1932-10/17/2011
Marlene is the daughter of Ralph Blow and Irene Pidgeon
and the wife of Peter Chagnon.

  Lorraine Agnes (Coty) Chagnon 8/28/1928-10/2/2014
Lorraine is the daughter of Alexis Coty and Delia Barron,
the wife of Ernest Chagnon, and the mother of
Nancy (Chagnon) Owens and Ernest Chagnon,II.

Carlyle “Carl” Draper 10/15/1930-10/21/1963
“Carl” is the son of Daniel Draper and Adeline Jones,
the husband of Ramona Perry, the father of James and
Connie Draper, and the grandfather of Stephen Draper.

Jeannette Duquette 1/2/1916-10/08/1996
Jeannette is the daughter of Walter Duquette and Olivean Chagnon,
sister of Otella Duquette Valliere  and Homer Duquette

Catherine (Doughtery) Lamotte Hatin 8/8/1942-10/7/1998
Catherine is the of daughter of James Doughtery and Lorraine Chagnon,
the wife of Robert Hatin, and the mother of Mark Anthony Lamotte

 Nora (Blair) LaCasse 2/2/1888-10/1/1980
Nora is the daughter of Delphis Blair and “Millie” Gingras,
the wife of Oliver LaCasse, and mother of Clarence, Marion,
Madeline, Ella Mary, Lucille, Francis, Catherine, Tootsie,
Raymond,  Lena, and Bill LaCasse

Patricia (Cockrell) Lafond 12/27/1952-10/25/1998
Patricia is daughter of James Cockrell and Lois Hill
and the wife of Robert Lafond.

Mary (Kelly) Lynch 1/29/1921-10/28/2011
Mary is the daughter of Frank Kelley and Ella Lynch,
and the wife of Robert Lynch and
the mother of Edward Lynch.

Florence (Gould) Marshall 10/9/1902-10/5/1994
Florence is wife of Allen Marshall and
the mother of Harold Marshall.

James C. Montgomery 8/6/1921-10/28/2005
James is the son of Nield S. Montgomery and Agnes Noyes
and  the husband of Louise Mary Noyes.

Pauline (Brooks) Proulx 6/10/1924-10/19/1969
Pauline is the daughter of Steward Brooks and Myrtle Nichols,
the wife of William E. Proulx, and
the mother of William B. Proulx.

Gladys (Hinote) Shelley 7/2/1897-10/21/1986
Gladys is the daughter of John Hinote and Ida Meigs,
the wife  of Samuel Shelley, and the mother of
John and Randall Shelley.

Marion (Vezina) Taft 7/1/1928-10/2/2008
Marion is the daughter of Frederick Vezina and Priscilla Rose,
the wife of Fred Taft, and the mother of Lynn Taft Chagnon.

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