January Memorials Who Are We?


Rose (Lucia) Beaupre 7/1886-01/24/1982
Rose is the wife of Fay Beaupre, the mother of Russell Beaupre and the mother in law of Vivian Winegar.

Marcel M. Beauregard 3/20/1925-01/13/2013
Marcel is the son of Lucien M. Beauregard and Imelda Brunelle, the husband of Rachel (Poirier) Beauregard, the father of Roger Beauregard, and grandfather of Michaela Beauregard.

Harold J Beshaw 07/07/1927-01/02/1962
Harold was the husband of Blanche (Martin) Beshaw

Bernadette (Gonyo) Blow 10/25/1927-01/28/2001
Bernadette is the daughter of Herbert Gonyo and Edith (Chagnon) Gonyo, and the wife of Richard Blow

Marjorie (Femeau) Centerbar 11/23/1919-01/07/2016
Marjorie is the wife of Walter Centerbar

Alice (Poirier) Chagnon 08/15/1925-01/16/1985
Alice is the daughter of Joseph Poirier and Clara (Monty) Poirier, the wife of Roy G. Chagnon, and the mother of Linda Clara (Chagnon) Rock.

Clarence R. Chagnon 07/13/1918-01/15/1981
Clarence is the son of Narcisse (Nelson) Chagnon and Delina (Bouchard) Chagnon, his was the husband of Lorraine (Couture) Chagnon, he is the husband of Glenna (Tennien) Chagnon, the father of Wayne Clarence, Peter Nelson, and Richard Allen Chagnon.

Henry L. Chagnon Sr. 11/03/1924-01/01/2005
Henry is the son of Narcisse “Nelson” Chagnon and Delina (Bouchard) Chagnon, was the husband of Lydia (Sweeney) Chagnon, is the husband of Diane (Blanchard) Bessette Chagnon, the father of Robert J. Sr. and Henry L. Jr.,  and father in law of Beverly (Senna) Chagnon and Lynn (Taft) Chagnon.

Lydia (Sweeney) Chagnon 03/27/1930-01/21/1997
Lydia is the daughter of Peter N. Sweeney and Katie (Kiley) Sweeney Raymond, she was the wife of Henry Chagnon, the loving companion of Alfred Parker, the mother of Robert J. Sr. and Henry L. Jr.  and mother in law of Beverly (Senna) Chagnon and Lynn (Taft) Chagnon.

Roy A. Chagnon 04/04/1916-01/12/2004
Roy is the son of Narcisse “Nelson” Chagnon and Delina (Bouchard) Chagnon, the husband of Alice (Poirier) Chagnon and the father of Linda C. (Chagnon) Rock.

Charles Dusharm 02/11/1899-01/09/1963
Charles is the son of Lori Louis Dusharm and Sophia Coon, his is the husband of Eva (Chagnon) Dusharm, the father of Dorothy (Dusharm) Lafond, Leo Dusharm Sr., Therese (Dusharm) Lacasse, Elizabeth (Dusharm) Lamore, grandfather of Brenda (Dusharm) O’Brien, Carol (Dusharm) Lynch, Robert Lacasse, and Sharron (Shangraw) Ricceliti,

Lena (Shattie) Genest 03/19/1915-01/26/1969
Lena is the wife of Robert Genest, Sr. and the mother of Robert “Bob” Genest, Jr.

Charles “Charlie” Gonyo 04/03/1879-01/05/1944
“Charlie” is the son of Wilbur Gonyo and Emma J (Aldrich) Gonyo, the husband of Josephine (Ducharme) Gonyo, the father of Herbert “Herbie”, Earl, Carl, Leward, George, Richard, Harold Gonyo, Marie Elizabeth Gonyo Poland, Mary L. (Gonyo) Jarvis Marler, Delia (Gonyo) Billado, Mabel (Gonyo) Burns Romano, Lillian (Gonyo) Bosley, Ruth (Gonyo) Dupont,  father in law to many, grandfather of Irene (Gonyo) Lefebvre Maskell, Gloria (Gonyo) McGrath, Herbert Gonyo, Jr, Leon Gonyo, Leona (Gonyo) Turner, Bernadette (Gonyo) Blow, Gerald Gonyo, James, Jr., Robert Billado, Kenneth, Raymond, Jr., and grandfather in law to many.

Gustav “Gus” Klein 1901-01/1973
“Gus” was the husband of Agnes (Passino) Klein,  the father of Virgina (Klein) Chagnon, Gus Klein, Jr. , the father in law of Nelson Chagnon, the grandfather of Doreen (Chagnon) Draper, and the great grandfather of Melissa and Heidi  Rocque, Sean Chagnon and the great great grandfather of Skylar Chagnon.

Robert C. Lefebvre 12/3/1921-1/31/2003
Robert is the son of Howard Lefebvre and Lillian Brown Lefebvre and was the husband of Edith Chagnon

Russell Maskell 03/04/1903-01/13/1972
Russell is the son of Frank Maskell and Mary (Boutah) Maskell, the husband of Bertha (Westover) Maskell, the father of Ernest, Roy, Russell, Jr., Floyd, Marion (Maskell) Greenia, Helen (Maskell), and Shirley (Maskell).

Beulah (Booska) McDonald 04/19/1912-01/05/1988
Beulah is the wife of George McDonald, the mother of Stewart McDonald, and mother in law of Wanda (Chagnon) McDonald.

Louis H. Mossey 12/13/1898-01/20/1956
Louis is the husband to Geraldine (Gordon) Mossey and the father of Gordon Mossey.

Brenda (Dusharm) Welker O’Brien 09/28/1956-01/22/2006
Brenda is the daughter of Leo Dusharm, Sr. and Joyce Riley and the fiancé of Phillip O’Brien, II.

Marie Angela (Gergoire) Paquette 01/16/1887-01/07/1965
Marie Angela is the wife of Mastai Paquette and the mother of John L. Paquette.

Armand Poulin 04/20/1917-01/25/1984 
Armand is the son of Calixte Poulin and Anglore (Coache) Poulin, the husband to Dorothy Latour and Fleurange (Poirier) Bishop Poulin, and the father of Leona Poulin.

Clifford Shangraw, Sr. 08/17/1902-01/09/1990
Clifford is the son of Willie Shangraw and Fanny (Lumbra) Shangraw, the husband of Beatrice Wells, the father of Clifford J. Shagnaw, Jr, and the grandfather of Sharron (Shangraw) Ricceliti.

Elmer Turner 08/16/1908—01/15/1984
Elmer was the son of Raymond Turner and Carrie Correll Turner, the husband of Isabel E. Pecor Turner, the father of Edward E. Turner, and grandfather of Scott Turner.

Ruth (Cobb) Wood 02/19/1926-01/20/1997
Ruth is the wife of Floyd Wood, Sr.

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