2021 January Memorial


We Remember, Honor and Cherish

The following are those who have gone before us. Take time to remember, honor and cherish the times that you spend with them. This is also posted on the chagnonfamilytree facebook page. Not sure if you are related go down to the bottom and check out the January Memorials Who  Are We.

Rose Beaupre 07/1886 -01/24/1982

Marcel Beauregard 03/20/1925-01/13/2013

Harold J. Beshaw 07/07/1927-01/02/1962

Bernadette Gonyo Blow 10/25/1937- 01/28/2001

Marjorie Fremeau Centerbar 11/23/1919-01/07/2016

Alice Poirier Chagnon 8/15/1925-1/16/1985

Clarence R. Chagnon 07/13/1918-01/15/1981

Henry L. Chagnon, Sr. 11/03/1924-01/01/2005

Lydia Sweeney Chagnon 03/27/1930-01/21/1997

Roy A. Chagnon 04/04/1916-01/12/2004

Charles Dusharm 02/11/1899-01/09/1963

Lena Shattie Genest 03/19/1915-01/26/1969

Charles Gonyo 04/03/1879-01/05/1944

Gus Klein 09/1901-01/1973

Robert C. Lefebvre 12/03/1921-01/31/2003

James Lemaire 1/30/2020

Russell Maskell 03/04/1903-01/13/1972

Beulah Booska McDonald 04/19/1912-01/05/1988

Louis H. Mossey 12/13/1898-01/20/1956

Brenda Dusharm O’Brien 09/28/1956-01/22/2006

Marie Angela A. Gregoire Paquette 01/16/1887-01/7/1965

Armand Poulin 04/20/1917-01/25/1984

Marion Grant Ruiter 08/12/1912-01/23/1983

Clifford Shangraw, Sr., 08/17/1902-01/09/1990

Elmer Turner 08/16/1908-01/15/1984

Ruth Cobb Wood 02/19/1926-01/20/1997

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