April Monthly Memorials

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We Remember, Honor and Cherish Meadar Ashline                                                     1861-4/02/1919Melissa  Brown Ashline                                       1856-4/10/1938Raymond C. Bosley                                               7/6/1927-4/13/1989Louise Morrow Bouchard                                   2/2/1905-4/15/1907Joseph Lorenzo Chagnon                                    3/17/1881-4/12/1881Pumilere Chagnon                                                 6/18/1876-4/14/1877Robert Chagnon                                                     7/3/1947-4/09/2019Absalon Couture                                                    7/19/1892-4/1966Stella … Continued


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This year, Thanksgiving will be on Thursday, November 26. So why do we celebrate Thanksgiving every year? When and how did Thanksgiving first become a National Holiday?  And what did they eat?  Most of us were told how the Indians … Continued